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As a CSR bridge between supply and demand、Accelerate Asia CSR development、As a reference tool for CSR strategy planning、As a CSR info provider to benchmarking、As a powerful positive influence in sustainability


CSRone Reporting is a CSR consulting firm and the one of leading advisor on CSR strategy. We are the trusted advisor and counselor to many of global and local company in Taiwan. We operate as a CSR profession consulting firm to bring together all the best experts from and around CSRone Reporting, as well from external network to each engagement. The richness of our backgrounds gives CSRone Reporting the range of expertise we need to assist our clients’ CSR communication issues. We value diversity. However, we share the same core value: as profession CSR communication platform. We bring intellectual curiosity and the passion for CSR field to each challenge.


Veda International Corp. established a CSR department in 2007. CSRone Reporting was created with the support of Veda's CSR team. CSRone Reporting is the most comprehensive and highly-praised information platform for CSR professionals across the Taiwan Strait. In addition, Veda's CSR team also provides CSR-related consultancy services to help companies in different industries to create greater added value. Our dynamic team have sound understanding and insider's access for international CSR practices and concepts. Which introduces them into corporate CSR strategies, and fluidly integrate into the customer's company core values. With proven results and profiles of achieving the goal of innovation in sustainable corporate operations. If you would like to know further more information, please follow the link: http://www.veda.com.tw/ to Veda International Corp. official website.

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 CEO, Gennie Yen, TEL:886-2-27043024 ext 116 gennie@veda.com.tw

 CSR Service, Tino Chen, TEL:886-2-27043024 ext 131 Tino.Chen@veda.com.tw

 副理 李振北 TEL:(02)2704-3024 ext 164 Lucas.lee@veda.com.tw

 副理 陳建佑 TEL:(02)2704-3024 ext 143 Richard.Chen@veda.com.tw