發佈日期:2017-07-10  活動日期:2017-07-10~2017-07-18

2017 Giving Around the Globe 全球調查


公司名稱:CECP   產業別:Non-Profit/Services(非營利服務)  地區:美國

Founded in 1999 by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman and other business leaders to create a better world through business, CECP has grown to a movement of more than 200 of the world’s largest companies that represent $6.2 trillion in revenues, $18.4 billion in societal investment, 13 million employees, and $15 trillion in assets under management. CECP helps companies transform their social strategy by providing customized connections and networking, counsel and support, benchmarking and trends, and awareness building and recognition.




CSRone is the Taiwan Local Authority of the CECP Global Exchange, uniting country-based, mission-driven corporate societal engagement organizations to advance the corporate sector as a force for good around the world.

CECP聯盟成立於1999年,全球CEO網路遍部全球,有超過200大型企業會員,年營收超過7萬億美元,社會投資金額達186億美元;CECP全球交易所(The Global Exchange)以國家地區為基礎建構起全球性網路聯盟,協助企業實踐CSR的永續目的。《Giving Around the Globe》以及《Giving in Numbers》是CECP年度發布的全球指標性研究報告,以全球面向作為大調查範圍,揭露區域性數據,呈現全球CSR實踐的國際趨勢。

CSRone永續報告平台與CECP合作進行2017 Giving Around the Globe Survey,期望您加入問卷回覆的行列,一同將台灣區推向全球的行列,為區域指標數據貢獻力量。


問卷線上填寫 (Giving Around the Globe Survey) 此調查問卷提供中文版: https://cecp.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_cDfol1CcxcNc2S9&Q_JFE=0

Giving Around the Globe 2016 EDITION》:http://cecp.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/2016_Giving_Around_the_Globe_web-1.pdf?redirect=no