1. The target set for EU member states is 50% Green Public Procurement by 2010.These include Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. In the key priority sectors identified for GPP(sectors which have a greater impact on the environment)  such as  IT, electricity and furniture the level of GPP of the countries listed above is among the highest.  (CSR Europe) 

2. 台灣環境行動網邀請美國「責任科技跨國運動」召集人、惠普及戴爾公司企業社會責任諮詢委員的Ted Smith (泰德•史密斯) 來台進行地方供應商的調查。前往疑似受到高科技廢水影響生活及飲用水安全的新竹縣、彰化、中科預定地,依據國際現況提供建議。 (TEAN台灣環境行動網)

3. Office Depot publishes 2009 Corporate Citizenship Report. Highlights from the 2009 Corporate Citizenship Report include: 1)Diversity, 2) Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) , 3) Community,  and 4)Ethics.   (ReportAlert News)

4.  鴻海董事長郭台銘預計在台北縣打造數位環保科技城,希望賺科技、碳交易的錢。鴻海集團內部的「科技節能環保專案計畫」,預計到2010年時,削減用電成本20%、節省用水量30%,此舉將有助鴻海降低成本、增加獲利。 (蘋果日報新聞)